Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oliver - 8 weeks

Oliver's 8 Week Old Pic

The many faces of Oliver 

 Nappin' with Grandpa

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Oliver - 7 weeks

The many faces of Oliver at 7 weeks :)

 Oliver's 7 week picture
 "Hey, Who is that handsome guy?"

Oliver - Week 6

What a fun Memorial weekend!  Grandma Janet had so much fun that she stayed for the entire next week!  It was so great to have her around to help out and have around to chat with.  Thank you a bunch!

 Oliver tried on Papa's glasses...
 Oliver's 6 week picture

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Oliver - Week 5

Ollie and Zain hanging out
 Not so sure about this chair... Ollie appears to be slipping down

Already posing for a graduation picture
Love this


Picture progression for one month pic (or the many faces fo Oliver)

Great Aunt Linde and Uncle Dennis came to visit with the Linde Grandparents

Dan pretends to nap while Ollie naps for real

Jenny and Jakob came to visit and the boys enjoyed lounging in their boppies

5 Weeks Old
Love the hands!

Mothers Day 2012

Mothers Day

Ollie, Mia, and Mom
 Mia's big girl bed in St. Peter
 No idea where this face came from - no adult is fessing up to teaching
her - we think it's AWESOME!
 4 Generations of Women (and Ollie)
 Oliver and Mom
 Mia and Mom

Oliver - Week 4

Hanging out in St. Peter with Grandpa Howie
 Good time for a nap
 Mia agrees... well this may have been a posed picture and Mia is pretending
 Great Grandpa Howie and the littlest grandson
 Oliver with 4 generations of women... lucky dude!

4 Weeks Old
Ollie and Mom on Mothers Day

Oliver - Week 3

Nothing puts a kiddo to sleep like a walk
As a special treat, G.G. Jo and Great Grandpa Howie were able to come up for a weekend to meet Oliver.
 Tummy Time progression... Ollie can lift his head from side to side but really enjoys his little breaks in between!
 All bundled up in the swing.  This allows mom to get stuff done (for the 15 minutes that he sleeps).

3 Weeks Old
Tummy Time on the Boppy -- it takes a real man to hang out on a pink Boppy